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Translation: Wink Up March 2017 - part of Hey Say BEST crosstalk 
5th-Feb-2017 09:53 pm

*Do note this is only part of the crosstalk.

Please credit if sharing, reposting, retranslating, posting screenshots in twitter facebook or other social media!

Arioka: A really long time ago, Hikaru-kun got really angry at Inoo-chan

Hikaru: Ah, it happened. I didn’t manage to go for rehearsals because of other work and Inoo-chan was supposed to teach me.

Inoo: Nope, that’s a big misunderstanding. I was never the person in charge of teaching. It just happened that coincidentally, I was supposed to stand in the position beside Hikaru, so you just assumed and asked me everything!

Hikaru: ….. was that so? (laugh) But I asked Inoo-chan things like “How about this step?” and Inoo-chan, as usual couldn’t remember at all and said “Eh, how was that step?” If it was Yabu, he would teach me perfectly. I was irritated all the way till before the actual concert started (laugh)

Yabu: Oh yes that happened, in the concert catering room right?

Takaki: Yes! And the moment Hikaru-kun blew up, all of us ran back to the dressing room and reported to the other members “HIKARU-KUN IS ANGRY!” (laugh)

Arioka: And was it the year before? Hikaru-kun was busy again and couldn’t make it for the rehearsals. Chinen recalled what happened before and got worried and thought “Hika will blow up again…” but thanks to the experience we have from debut, Hikaru-kun became totally mature and wasn’t agitated at all. It was a little of a disappointment (laugh)

Yabu: You wanted to see the “MAD DOG HIKARU”? (laugh)

Hikaru: I am totally an obedient dog now (laugh)

Inoo: In any case, after so many years, I finally managed to convey this important message of “I was not the one who was in charge of teaching you” and I feel happy (laugh)

Hikaru: Okay sorry (laugh)

8th-Feb-2017 07:02 am (UTC)
OMG Mad Dog Hikaru LOL

So, in the end Yabu is the only one that Hika could rely on~

Thanks for the translation :)
27th-Mar-2017 02:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah they always seem to rely on each other somewhat. haha
U are welcome! :)
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