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17th-Dec-2037 12:00 am
translations for Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru related.

Yabu/Hikaru/KAT-TUN/Jin/YabuHika/Ya-Ya-yah/BEST fan
not a fan of hsj in general.

i will take ages to add you back.
pls hunt me down on twitter/tumblr instead.

pls credit if reposting anything. credit if quoting, sharing, retranslating too. and yes, even if you are posting screenshots.
/thank you.
17th-Mar-2015 01:52 am (UTC)
thanks for add me... ^^
i'm yabuhika shipper and really loves reading ur translation about them... that's so cute and funny...
17th-Mar-2015 09:05 am (UTC)
you are welcome! :)
thanks for reading too!
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