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Translation: JUMPOST 29/1 - Yabu and Hikaru 
28th-Jan-2017 10:09 pm

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> Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru
Known each other for a long time, grateful towards each other

Hikaru: when I first joined Johnnys, Yabu was already cut out to be an artiste. There were many times where we had to sing in front of an audience and there were many things I learnt from Yabu. When I did not do it well, there were also times where Yabu got angry at me…..

>So how do you feel about it now?

Hikaru: full of gratitude. we were performing as Ya-Ya-yah, but it’s connected to the present. Its the origin where we came from.

Yabu: everything is left in my memory too. I think I learnt all the basic things from Ya-Ya-yah.

>When do you think that Yaotome-san is awesome?

Yabu: there are many shy people in HSJ. For example when we appear as guests on other variety shows I am able to make proper and serious comments. But they require something different like a comment full of energy, Hikaru is the one who answers first.

>He makes the atmosphere into a fun one?

Yabu: Yes. Its something I can’t do. That really helps

>Do both of you go out to eat?

Hikaru: we do, quite often
Yabu: Yup. Eat meat and others. Recently we choose the place depending on the restaurant’s atmosphere. We often go to places which allow us to eat calmly, or feel comfortable
30th-Jan-2017 05:13 am (UTC)
yabuhika <3 thank you for translating this :)
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