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Translation: Wink Up February 2017 - YabuHika’s Journey 
11th-Jan-2017 11:21 pm

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Q. Do you remember when you first met?
Hikaru: I do! I thought he seemed like a conceited kid (lol)
Yabu: Thats you! Hikaru was auditioning and there were only a few people, I saw that there was someone around the same age as me so I was watching with curiosity.
Hikaru: We have already gotten used to be called YabuHika (lol)
Yabu: Thats right. Isn’t that good? Im already thinking of registering YabuHika as a trademark.

2003- The first YabuHika crosstalk in Wink Up
>Addicted to playing operation games

Hikaru: When I am with Yabu-kun, time flies past so quickly. We make our own original ring tones and things like that. Once we start, morning will definitely come in a flash (laugh)
Yabu: And we play operation games too. We play rock-scissors-paper and decide on our doctor and patient role. “I will start the operation now~~ I will cut you open now~~ Next, I will sew you up~~” and we start tickling each other and it is really ticklish at the neck! (laugh)
Hikaru: By the way, Yabu is really bad in rock-scissors-paper!!
(From May 2003 issue)

2004- Pair photos increase in Wink Up
> Even though he is praised by Hikaru, Yabu cannot be upfront about his feelings

Hikaru: Yabu is usually a really smart person
Yabu: I don’t know! Well, let’s leave that topic on me aside first.
Hikaru: We have to talk so we can’t leave that aside! (laugh) But Yabu is cute, so it feels like you have transformed into being the smart type. And you also work hard to lead us all..
Yabu: Ehh?! What’s that. I don’t remember doing that at all (laugh)
(From February 2004 issue)

2005- Acting together in the drama 3B Kinpachi Sensei
> He gets called “You are always weird!” but he can’t accept it?!

Hikaru: Yabu is a shy boy and at first in class he was always quiet but during the later half, he starts to get excited weirdly
Yabu: (with a serious face) I don’t understand what you are talking about. I was just being myself, living normally.
Hikaru: Nope nope, that’s not normal! (laugh) You are always weird!
(From May 2005 issue)

2006- Both of them have the same memories
> Memories of “daibouken” was Inoo-chan’s xx?!

Yabu: The Daibouken event was fun!
Hikaru: It was fun~ We were excited and just running around recklessly
Yabu: If there was a memory that left an impression on me, it’s Inoo-chan’s nipples.
Hikaru: Ah, yes speaking of Inoo-chan it’s his nipples (laugh) We look at them casually, from his costume.
Yabu: Yes yes. When the fighting scene keeps repeating, his tank top gets more and more crumpled and then you can see his nipples (laugh)
(From November 2006 issue)

2007- HSJ Debut
> Yabu’s only consultation partner is Hikaru

Yabu: I don’t consult the members at all.. If I do, I will just tell Hikaru. In such a situation, that guy will not be serious and instead, tries to be cheerful about it to me, so it makes me feel comfortable
Hikaru: Did Yabu say he will choose me as his consultation partner? Ahh, sometimes.
Yabu: I did cry once when I didn’t get to go to the school’s sports day because of work
Hikaru: You did! He just suddenly started crying beside me. And I was wondering what should I do… So during such a time, I try to create a happy atmosphere for him.
(From February 2007 issue)

2008- They point out each others mistakes
> Confess each other’s weak points!

Yabu: (The xx award. I will get into JUMP’s top 3 with this.)  Sleeping in the plane. When I decide that “I will sleep the moment I get on the plane!”, I can sleep really soundly (laugh). There were days where there was thunder even when we were on the plane. Hikaru was so scared and I laughed. He kept saying “this is really scary~” In the end he even said “The wings are shaking! It  is gonna break!” It won’t! It is built in that way so that it wouldn’t break! (laugh)
(From February 2008 issue)
Hikaru: A person who is afraid of cold? Yabu! We take the same car right? 5 seconds after I turn on the aircon, Yabu turns it off. Then I secretly turn it on again….and I keep repeating this strategy (laugh). No matter how, 5 seconds is just too fast. He is one year older than me, so just try to bear with it a little bit more! (laugh)
(From August 2008 issue)

2009- Yabu vs Inoo-chan fight over Hikaru (laugh)
> Getting complacent over how both fight over him

Q. If you are serious about it, how many bowls of rice can you eat?
Hikaru: Two bowls.
Yabu: Hikaru doesn’t really eat much.
Hikaru: Yup
Inoo: And he takes a long time to eat
Hikaru: Yup… wait, why do both of you know me so well? (laugh)
Yabu: Inoo, what on earth do you know about Hikaru!
Inoo: Let me tell you this, I know more about Hikaru than you do!
Hikaru (looking happy): Hey wait, both of you! Don’t fight over me~ Ah, but by the way the other day when we did the fortune telling, the one who suits me best is Keito (laugh)
(From July 2009 issue)

2010- Things they get to do together during location filming
> Getting turned off by Yabu’s maniacness?!

Hikaru: The other day, I had location filming with Yabu for our variety show and when we were in the bus, Yabu and Wakki-san were playing a test-your-knowledge-about-soccer game. Wakki-san read comments by World Cup players in a magazine. For example “this player is good with his right leg…” and Yabu can immediately say “xxx!” (the name of the player)
Yabu: I got too many correct and even Wakki-san who is very knowledgeable in soccer said “Yabu-kun, you are disgusting” (laugh)
Hikaru: And halfway you got too excited you started shaking. At first I thought the car was shaking… but it was you. (laugh)
(From August 2010 issue)

2011- Picking on Yabu’s lack of composure
> The new way of using his mobile phone

Hikaru: Yabu cannot calm down and when he is free, he starts to fiddle with his mobile phone for no reason. You wouldn’t think there were so many ways to use your phone, but he switches the phone to the normal mode, silent mode, unlock… and keeps repeating it. and everytime he changes it, the phone vibrates.
(From September 2011 issue)

2012- Yabu and Hikaru, we disagree at the slightest things (laugh)
> Fighting over the mirror during a concert

Yabu: The theme today is “To take note of something so that JUMP can improve” but can I say something first? There is a mirror which I use in our changing area backstage, but Hikaru uses that too much!
Hikaru: Eh, am I such a person?
Yabu: Yes. You have your own mirror just beside but why do you have to use mine. And then I have to move around while looking at myself from behind Hikaru but halfway I will go “Ahh, forget it!” (laugh) Use your own!
Hikaru: Ok then it’s my turn to say. The changing area is always really dark but Yabu’s place is always bright so it feels better!
(From August 2012 issue)

2013- Getting all warmed up by their conversations when they were young
> Predicting a girl suitable for Yabu with hand power

Takaki: Without delay…. (While reading the article from 2004) Hikaru-kun, you actually could use handpower to see through the type of girl who suits Yabu (laugh)
Hikaru: ….it seems so
Daiki: When did you say that?
Inoo: Year 2004. Wasn’t that before JUMP was formed!
Takaki: I hadn’t even entered the company yet.
Hikaru: For me, there wasn’t even anyone digging into my joke in the article, and that is awkward (laugh). If I were to say something like that now, all four of you will answer me back with all your might.
Daiki: We will attack you back together. But the Yabu-chan then replied something like “What? Try saying it then!” (laugh)
Inoo: Seems like he didn’t seem to mind (laugh). Now isn’t it good to do this at concerts? While putting your hands above Yabu and saying “Now.. I will see through the type of girl that suits Yabu!” Everyone will be shocked (laugh)
(From November 2013 issue)

2014- The true feelings of YabuHika
> A complaint towards Wink Up promoting YabuHika?!

Yabu: Ok, it has come! Wink up’s highly supported “YabuHika” (Laugh)
Hikaru: This is a word we are not very good with (laugh). Like what should we do now after so long, or rather, since we have been gradually getting called YabuHika so enthusiastically, we have started to be conscious about it (laugh)
Yabu: Yesyes, though I have mentioned this in Wink up previously, it is because during concerts, (this word) has been mentioned/displayed intentionally (laugh). When I pass Hikaru on stage, I will not give Hikaru a high-touch (high-five). And also if I walk faster and catch up with Hikaru walking in front of me, I can grab him from the back and go like “Oeiiii” or something like that, but I wont. If I do that, I know the YabuHika fans will definitely go kyaaaaaa and start screaming but I wont (laugh).
Hikaru: I know I know! Its not good if they think that we do it that easily (laugh). If it was Inoo-chan or someone, its definitely alright (laugh). But doing a high-touch with Yabu, its thought of as “something special” so I am reluctant. Like… its when you are not aware of chatting with a girl, and the people around you go “wooo!wooo!” making wolfwhistles, something like that? (laugh).
Yabu: We are in a more complex situation than the people around us think (laugh).

(TN. this is my all time favourite YabuHika crosstalk. Read the whole thing here-


2015- Members lecture Yabu’s actions?!
> Hikaru ignores Yabu when he talks to him in school (laugh)

Yabu: I guess I am the worst. I think the way I tried was really wrong.
Takaki: Eh, what did you do to girls?
Yabu: I would shout “Hey that cute girl there!” from the back, and when she turns around, I say “That’s a misunderstanding~ You are too self conscious~~”
All: Hahahaha!
Arioka: Uwah~ girls enemy!
Takaki: That’s the worst!
Hikaru: They will definitely speak ill of you behind your back (laugh)
Yabu: That’s for sure.
Hikaru: I’ve heard it before actually. When I was in high school, wasn’t I Yabu’s junior? Just before lessons started, Yabu suddenly came to my classroom and opened the door, faced me and said “Iyo!!” in some mysterious loud voice, then shut the door again and disappeared. The next moment, all the girls went “Huh?” (laugh)
All: Ahahahaha!
Hikaru: I just stared into space and asked the people around me “Who was that just now?”
Inoo: You pretended not to know him (laugh)
Yabu: (bitter laugh)
(From February 2015 issue)

2016- Both of them go to eat alone together
> He said im cute but it was a mistake?!

Hikaru: I have quite a few interactions with Yabu for our songs.
Yabu: We do. But when you play the bass, I try not to get in your way. If I persistently stick to you, I will be a nuisance to you and your bass. So even when I put my hands around your shoulders, I don’t go on full force, but I quietly put my hand around you gently. Looking at that, I am someone who can do things properly!
Chinen: Eh, is that so!
Hikaru: During “Ai no shubiduwa” too, there are many parts where me and Yabu face each other, and during those parts, I face Yabu and mouth out something like “Yabu, you are disgusting”. I secretly look forward to that each time (laugh)
Yabu: Eh, you say such things during that time?
Hikaru: During performances where there are recordings, I say things like “there are many cameras today ne”, and what I say depends on the day itself. But when I do that, Yabu always just gives me a blank face (laugh)
Yabu: And when I give that face, you have that “Hmph, you don’t understand!” face (laugh)
Chinen: What you wanted to say wasn’t conveyed to Kota at all, but your feelings were (laugh)
Hikaru: I also say things like “You have a lot of sweat today ne”
Yabu: You do say such things? Oh, once you told me “you are cute (kawaii)” right?
Hikaru: Kawaii? ….Ah, that was “kaeru (frog)”. There are days where you seem like a frog (laugh)
Yabu: Damn!!! You said frog~~~~??!
Chinen: Too bad! It is better not to know the truth (laugh)

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