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17th-Dec-2037 12:00 am - me.
translations for Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru related.

Yabu/Hikaru/KAT-TUN/Jin/YabuHika/Ya-Ya-yah/BEST fan
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16th-Mar-2037 09:05 pm - translation list

translation list

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*Theme of this month’s PPL is “BEAST/wild” – who is the most beast-like (wild) guy in HSJ?

Q1. Rank the members from the most beastly (wild) to the most animal-like (mild)

Arioka> Hikaru> Takaki > Okamoto> Yuto > Chinen> Yabu> Yamada> Inoo
“The reason why I thought of Dai-chan as wild is because his voice is so loud! Sometimes it hurts my ears (laugh). For Hikaru, he often practices his wrestling on Keito! And Ino-chan is just an unknown form of a life substance (laugh) “

Arioka> Takaki> Yuto> Chinen> Hikaru> Yamada> Yabu> Okamoto> Inoo
“Dai-chan has a loud voice like a beast. Takaki likes the sea so he is a sea beast. Yuto is wild when he plays the drum. Chinen is unexpectedly quite manly. Ino-chan is already “THE GIRLY ONE” so he does not even have 1 millimeter of manliness in him (laugh)

Q2. Are you a carnivore or herbivorous? (also in terms of relationship- whether they are the soft or wild kind)

Herbivorous, because I don’t really convey out my own feelings. So I am probably difficult to understand. I will want to confess to the person I like, but I think I wont be able to do it!

If I had to choose, carnivore probably. I am not perturbed by anything. With that, I am probably different from a herbivore, I am most likely to be a carnivore who doesn’t get eaten (laugh)

Q3.l I feel that I am wild during?

When I eat meat with bones!
“When I clench my teeth around meat with bones, I feel like I am an animal! I am someone who eats meat all the way to the bones (laugh). I eat meat while thinking about the Darwin evolution” (tn. evolution of how animals turn to man from ancient days)

I can eat 3 train bentos easily
“It was probably some time ago when I had a really great appetite. In between journeys, I could easily eat three bentos. I had wanted to increase my weight from the start. Since then, I have gained 8kg!”

(From another section of Popolo)

Q1. Tell us some backstage stories from the DEAR tour

Yabu: Everyone starts eating cup noodles before the rehearsals start. We eat them everyday, and I start to worry about everyone’s eating habits (laugh). But I also eat them each time though (laugh). It is delicious!

Hikaru: When we were discussing about the concert program arrangement, Keito was very particular. Since last year he has been having strong views about his part for the guitar. I did say something like “it would be good if you could do shredding (tn. some guitar term, not sure), and he was full of enthusiasm for it!

Q2. A song in the album DEAR which you have a strong impression of during recording

Yabu: Special Love
The key for this song is high and it was like a battle with myself. When I tried singing and didn’t feel satisfied, I asked to record it one more time. If you listen to it, you will know, the key is really high………… (laugh)

Hikaru: Dear
I am quite bad at singing ballads so DEAR was a hard time for me (laugh). Especially the chorus. There are slow tempos and it is difficult to convey my feelings through them.

Q3. Your favourite pasta flavor

Yabu: Japanese style pasta – I am a Japanese after all.
I like Japanese pasta so I always order the Japanese style kind of pasta in the restaurant. I thought of trying to cook it myself at home, but I cant (laugh)

Hikaru: Squid ink pasta – it’s a win in taste!
I like luxury food which taste Japanese-like. There are people who dislike squid ink as it makes their teeth black but I don’t care, and taste wins over everything!

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Yabu Kota

When it comes to summer, my friends will randomly tell me things like “Tomorrow I am going to the beach”. This year, I have a friend who is working part time at a beach house and I think his reports about the sea to me will increase. I don’t really think I have to do summer-like things just because it is summer. But somehow when the people around me starts to do summer-ish activities, I also start on them before I realize it. Just some time ago, Kitayama had invited me to a barbeque. Something I like about summer, girls tend to show off more skin right? I am a guy so to be frank, my tension rises too (laugh). When I walk along the streets and realize the number of such girls have increased, I start to think “Ah, summer has arrived”. That one? Is that called an off-shoulder? Clothes which show the shoulder. That is great. It leaves a different impression whether there is just one strap or not. Something I hate about summer is how I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of cold things, and then I get a stomach upset.

When I was young, the Yabu family would always go to Hakone in summer. Because of that, I have a strong summer image of Hakone. Yesterday I watched a Godzilla movie and Hakone was featured in there so I wondered “I wonder how it has become now?” and so I started researching on the internet with a map function, and before I knew it, two hours had passed. I recalled my childhood memories like “I stayed at this hotel~” and it was really fun.

Yaotome Hikaru

I went to Okinawa for a location shoot in June. On the first day, I went filming at the recommended spots in Okinawa and the second day was to present our contents to Nanbara-san. Tokyo was still in its rainy season then, but it was already summer in Okinawa! Even in June, I managed to enjoy summer fully. I have always liked the pork soba from Okinawa and would eat it everytime I go there, and this time I was happy to be able to eat it again during my location filming♪ The pork is made with fish stew and it is really delicious. When it comes to summer, there are special work events like “27 hour tv” and concerts. Work increases and I become busier but I look forward to it every year. On the other hand, something I hate in summer is the temperature difference between the heat outside and the air conditioning indoors. When I am on a taxi and it gets really cold, I immediately open the windows to let warm air come in. At home, I adjust the room temperature too. I basically turn on the humidifier and I only turn on the air conditioning when it gets a little hot.

When I get tired during summer, I start to unconsciously say “I want to go to Hawaii~!” (laugh). Because the temperature in Hawaii is really comfortable. It is warm but clear, so it feels good. It is really heaven there. In the past, we went to Hawaii for work and the members rode bicycles along the streets and went shopping. That was really fun, and basking in the wind felt really nice, so I want to do it again!


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Yabu Kota

The recent xxx is good!
I watched Tackey’s drama “Seisei suru hodo~” and yep, I reconfirmed that Tackey is really cool. Also, we had a collaboration with Kisumai during 27 hour TV and that was good too. What I found funny was how Hikaru kept sticking to and interacting with Taipi (Fujigaya). It was probably the same during junior times, but it was interesting how everyone in Kisumai was flustered and was like “Our Fujigaya-san is not like that!”(laugh). For the VTR in Busaiku, Hikaru was quite determined on getting the top positions and that was unexpected. In the dressing room, he showed me the script which he wrote and I was surprised and said “Ohhh, you are being serious” (laugh)

Such girls are good!
Those who run up the stairs of the station in order to catch the train during school or work hours. I send my cheers to them by saying “do your best do your best!” in my heart. Summer fashion for a girl I like? Eh, well, beige ¾ chino pants with a navy striped t-shirt. This is actually the clothes which one of the staff nearby is wearing, but this is like Inoo’s style right? That guy, everytime he is being asked such a question, he just says out whatever the staff is wearing. And the staff tells him “That is not right” (laugh). During such questions, I try to say a different fashion each time. Of course, all of them are fashion styles which I like. If I just say one, during concerts and such, my fans will be wearing the same thing and everyone will lose their individuality right?

This best combination is good!
A cold shower after perspiring in a 43 degree hot bath! When I am unable to go to the sauna, I do this at home but I do make sure I get enough water by drinking sports drinks. I love baths at home. When I went to stay over at Kitayama’s house too, both of us went inside the bathtub together. During “Takizawa Kabuki”, we went in together everyday and it doesn’t seem weird at all. But now when you think of it, I think it is weird (laugh)

Recent update
There is a 2003 issue of Wink Up here now and what shocked me most is how Kazama-kun didn’t change at all (laugh) Also, Inoo’s comment made me laugh. He said “I will be in first year of junior high from April!” (laugh). NEWS had not debuted yet too, and with Kojima (Hiromu)’s hairstyle, it really feels that 13 years have passed.

Yaotome Hikaru

The recent xxx is good!
Recently I have started to increase my weight. At last I’ve reached my ideal weight of 58kg! I spent about 3 months and in that 3 months, I did less training and increase my food intake. I often ate steak lunches and as for my clothing size, L size now fits me perfectly. I can totally feel that I have gained meat when dancing during concert rehearsals now. Because i have reached my ideal weight, I will start to train from now on!

Such girls are good!
I often look at female fashion during the coordination battle during Hirunandesu, and I think it is good that you can spend just 10000yen to dress yourself up. I feel that male fashion clothing is much more expensive. But even so, girls can wear guys clothes too. That’s nice too. Girls fashion which I like are those clothes which will flow along with the wind. Skirts with detailed pleats, and those with soft material. My favourite fashion items are shoes, underwear, and those around the ankles, so I do take note of girls who have fashionable items near their feet too.

This best combination is good!
Recently I went to Okinawa for location shooting and the sea urchin and abalone there! The sea urchin was placed on top of the abalone and grilled with butter. That was really delicious. I didn’t put any soy sauce at all, but the taste of the sea urchin and abalone totally matched. Both of them really suit each other. I do like rare delicacies so I was really happy. My father likes such food too so I guess I was influenced by him. He liked fish roe, salted salmon roe and salted fish too, so we often had them at home. I like such canned food too and when I go to other cities for work, buying such canned food back is something I look forward to.

Recent update
Recently I have been going to concert rehearsals and dancing everyday. I also go to location shoots for work, and I don’t really spend much time relaxing at home. Recently on days where we have concert rehearsals, I wear the clothes for lessons and head straight there, and then wear them back home. In order not to catch a cold, I do stretching and cool myself down after the rehearsals end before heading home. Then I head straight to the bath and that is perfect! I cannot wear my lesson clothes out as they are really comfortable and rough fashion and in the past I used to think I cannot walk outside with such clothes, but recently I don’t really care and I put comfort as the top priority.

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Q. What kind of album is DEAR?
I feel that there are many songs that the us at this stage can sing now, so we relatively put all our energy into them. We have many dance numbers, and I guess it is an album which gives us many challenges as we welcome our 10th year.
Hikaru: An album which we challenged. There are many mature and fashionable songs and in a good meaning, there is a bias, and I think the concept is clear this time.

Q. Which was the song which you intuitively thought “I want to sing this!” in the album?
My own unit song “Mr Flawless”
Hikaru: SUPERMAN is a good song, and I think it is good that the group is able to show off our dance here. It is good for a live concert, and I thought it is a song we can show our dance as a group.

Q. A song in the album which you want to try during the concert?
SUPERMAN will be really good at the live, and I thought it is a song that we can dance with all our might.
Hikaru: Eternal. I thought this is a graceful song that JUMP wants too. I hope to do it during the live.

Q. Something you challenged this time during the recording?
There are many songs with high keys and harmonization, so during such parts, I play the keyboard myself and try to find the keys.
Hikaru: My unit song with Ino-chan. We sang it quite sexily. I do sing like that at karaoke during my private time, but for a JUMP song, I think it is the first.

Q. Do you usually write letters? The last letter you wrote?
: I don’t really write letters. But if I receive new year cards, I do reply them every year.
Hikaru: I do write letters to related people who come to our concert as gratitude. I spend some effort to write some word art so that the person reading it will feel happy too.

Q. If you write letters, are you fussy about the letter set, envelope and stationery?
I received many fountain pens for my coming-of-age ceremony. But I have practically not used any of them yet, so I hope to put them into use when I write letters one day.
Hikaru: I use a ballpoint pen. I just like them. I think a fountain pen is good too, but I have to find one which a left-hander can use, so I haven’t gotten around to finding one.

Q. Your first fan letter, or a memorable fan letter?
I read all of them so there are many. I even accept negative comments! (laugh)
Hikaru: I got my first fan letter soon after I first appeared on television. I was happy and thought “Eh? That’s fast?!” I remember my mum read it together with me.

Q. A full stop is putting a combination of everything together. What words will you use to describe the atmosphere when 9 people gather together?
Everyone’s personality is different, but Hey! Say! JUMP factors everything together and tightens our group up, so I think that is really good. My position in there? Erm… unexpectedly I probably don’t really know it myself too (laugh)
Hikaru: Our conversations don’t end, and it feels like a “boys dormitory” whom all of us understand each other. My feeling during such times feels like our relationship is one where we can just pop into anyone’s room.

Q. Something which a single person can’t do, but is able to accomplish when 9 people gather together?
Being able to speak without hesitating
Hikaru: I can stay silent. I have alot of work outside which requires me to talk, but with the members, I can leave it up to them (laugh). I like watching others speak.

Q. Something you don’t want to end, don’t want to put a full stop to it?
Eating breakfast everyday. Every morning, I work hard in waking up to eat, so I want to continue it.
Hikaru: My records collection. There are many which are not in production already, and I definitely don’t want to lose the ones I have now. I might probably not find them anymore.

Q. Something which makes you feel DEAR=lovable now?
My nieces and nephews. The eldest one is already 3 years old, and she is so cute, just so cute. My 4th nephew/niece will be born soon. Oh, I am just an old man already (laugh)
Hikaru: The banyan tree which I have been growing. It is already about 30-40cm.

Q. DEAR = high quality. What do you do when you feel like buying something on the expensive side?
I buy them immediately! I think it is a fated encounter with that item and so I will buy it, and after that, I don’t research on similar items at all! Because, I will regret (laugh)
Hikaru: I will do research and check why it is expensive, and whether there are alternatives with a same function. I guess in the end I will choose based on a function which I like, that balances up with its price.

Q. A message to the fans for the concert.
I think this time everything is compressed into things that Hey Say JUMP is able to do, so I hope everything leaves a deep impression on you.
Hikaru: I want you to see the JUMP which has become adults, and the JUMP which has climbed another step higher. Also, I want the place to be one where the fans and us become one, so I hope you can enjoy with us.

Helping to purchase concert goods for Hey! Say! JUMP’s 2016 concert tour –DEAR.

Concert goods list
(All items are in SGD. Please use a
currency converter if you would like to find out the amount in your home currency)

Pamphlet: SGD $42 each

Uchiwa : SGD $16 each

9 different types, one for each individual member

Poster: SGD $20 each
10 different types, one for each individual member, one group

Clear File: SGD $13 each
10 different types, one for each individual member, one group

Shopping bag: SGD $36 each

T-shirt: SGD $50 each

Face Towel: SGD $34 each

Letter set: SGD $25 each

Bandana: SGD $23 each

Mobile accessory: SGD $24 each

Penlight: SGD $31 each

Photoset: SGD $16 each
10 different types, one for each individual member, one group

For Singaporeans:
* Payment by bank transfer (DBS/OCBC)
* No additional shipping costs from Japan to Singapore
* All items can be collected from 13 October 2016, Thursday.
I am relatively flexible with meetups and can meet anywhere in the west, CBD, or town depending on my schedule, but NO meetups in the East or North, unless I happen to be making a trip there (which is a rare situation). I am flexible, do ask! :)

* Local delivery only possible for the clearfile and photoset as i do not want to risk damage to goods.
* I can also ship to you from Japan if you would prefer that.

For international buyers:
* Payment by PayPal. Please top up for the shipping charges and PayPal fees

* PayPal fees: 3.9% of total price + SGD $0.50
* I will ship all goods (except posters) from Japan by 11 October. Posters will be shipped from Singapore in a poster tube. The reason being there aren’t many post offices in Japan which sell the poster tube and I don’t want to risk damage to your poster by carrying it all over hunting for one. The shipping charge which I quote will be inclusive of the poster tube.
* I can ship via EMS, Registered airmail and SAL but EMS is highly recommended. Shipping receipts, tracking numbers, photos will also be provided.
* Depending on which country you live in, it will take a few days to 1 week via EMS. I can check this including the cost for you via the Japan Post website.
The cost is estimated but I refund shipping costs (less PayPal fees) in any event of overestimation of more than 300 yen.

Please note the following:

** Due to the scarcity of the penlights (and limitation of one penlight per person), I will not take any penlight orders unless I owe you one from the previous preorder or you are buying a lot of items.

** All goods will be bought personally in Yokohama and handled by myself all the way till it is shipped out or handed to you personally. Posters are more vulnerable and thus, I have a limited amount for posters. However, be assured that I always try my best to treat them with care.

** I am not a professional shop but I have taken preorders for previous concerts and stageplays and (I think) everything went well. I have just started a feedback page here. However, please only order if you are comfortable ;)

** After I have confirmed your order, do check through to make sure everything is right! I am human and I do have typos and calculation mistakes.

** For order of Johnny Shop Photos, please DM me privately.

Order Form for Singaporeans
Mobile number:
Second contact: (twitter or livejournal ID or email or any other way I can contact you via social media)
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Items: (please be specific. Eg. Yamada uchiwa x 1, Group photoset x 1)
Total number of items:
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Order form for fans outside Singapore
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I’ll try my best to answer them!
In the event of sold out or unpurchased goods, amount will be fully refunded.

Comments here in LJ will be screened
Thank you! :D

Deadline for orders and payments: 1 October 2016
I might close the preorder earlier if my slots are all filled up.

Thank you.
1st-Aug-2016 12:00 pm - Feedback Post

I have been taking preorders since 2014, but I have only just started a feedback post in 2016.

If you have participated in my preorder, will appreciate if you can take some time to leave me a non-anonymous feedback comment.

I do not screen nor edit comments.

Thank you for your time!

As of 22 August 2016:
+8 positive feedbacks
Helping to purchase concert goods for Hey! Say! JUMP’s 2016 concert tour –DEAR.

this preorder is currently closed.
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Hikaru: Let’s talk about the cute side of three of us. Firstly, it is when Yabu is reciting about soccer.

Inoo: Reciting? Not talking?

Hikaru: It feels like he is like a dog who is given a rubber ball (laugh). He bites and bites without getting sick of it, and how he innocently talks about soccer is cute. When I watch foreign matches, I mail Yabu and ask “What’s the main point to look out for in today’s match?”, he replies me with a really long mail.

Inoo: Both of you are close~

Hikaru: It is really fun receiving Yabu’s mail while watching the match.

Yabu: Sometimes he sends mails like “This Etoo player’s face looks like a takoyaki” and I reply “Watch the match properly!” (laugh)

Hikaru: He is cold to me during the match. Before the match starts, he keeps mailing me but once it starts, even if I mail him and say “the shoot just now was great”, he doesn’t reply at all. I am the one who keeps sending (laugh)

Inoo: I didn’t know you all have such interactions~

Hikaru: For Ino-chan, you are the cutest when you get to eat. Because you like eating rice. After concerts when all of us go to eat, I look at Ino-chan instead of eating my first bite.

Inoo: Ahahaha

Yabu: Are you his boyfriend (laugh)

Inoo: Even though it is not as if Hikaru paid for my food.

Hikaru: It is fun imagining it.

Inoo: So scary (laugh)

Hikaru: Rather than smiling while eating, he is very focused when he is eating, and it is like a dog who is given a rubber ball after all.

Yabu: It feels like bait (laugh)

Hikaru: For both Yabu and Ino-chan, I probably just enjoy looking at people being concentrated on something.

Inoo: It is happiness being able to eat delicious food.

Hikaru: Ino-chan’s character is always lacking of vigilance.

Inoo: Ahaha

Hikaru: But when he is eating, he feels even more like that, and that is totally Inoo Kei. That moment is my recommended point.

Inoo: Even for Mezamashi TV, I have a breakfast corner at about 6am in the morning.

Yabu: I know. That’s cute (laugh) The other day too, during The Music Day rehearsals, Okada-kun also teased you about it.

Inoo: I met him after a long time, and he was grinning while talking to me and when I wondered what he was going to say, he said “Recently you have realized that you are cute right” (laugh). I said no I don’t.

Yabu: Then he said “You don’t have to do anything, because you are cute. You don’t have to think that you are cute, cos you are cute”

Inoo: He repeated that about 3 times and then left (laugh)

Yabu: I was beside and when I heard that I was grinning.

Inoo: But I am grateful that he watches me.

Hikaru: Okada-kun does touches others butts too.

Yabu: Ok next Hikaru’s cute point.

Hikaru: This is bad, if you start talking you wont be able to stop (laugh)

Inoo: His hair colour is extreme recently. I don’t understand that.

Hikaru: Ino-chan is very curious about my mental state regarding my hair colour.

Yabu: Massu also has pinkish hair so the other day during a music show rehearsal, he told Hikaru “Don’t copy me”. Then they were joking around and said “Why not we have the same colour?” and the next time they met just before the show started, his hair was totally pink and Hikaru was looking at him enviously (laugh)

Hikaru: He told me “sorry I put in too much colour”

Inoo: So kind~

Yabu: How Hikaru has sad and happy reactions is cute.

Inoo: I don’t have such courage.

Hikaru: Ino-chan was also one of the last in JUMP to dye his hair.

Inoo: Hikaru changed his highlights every week and from pink to purple and was it red?

Yabu: I just watched a VTR the other day and Hikaru had his two toned hair but now it looks like you have really calmed down (laugh)

Inoo: Well, I hope Hikaru stays on the lead of fashion. I hope you can lead the trending of style which no one has done yet.

Hikaru: I like such things too. I don’t like being the same as others. I did consult the hairstylist while doing it.

Yabu: But no one talks about my blonde hair already now.

Inoo: They have stopped calling me mushroom too.

Yabu: The point is the hair….

Inoo: Thanks to Hikaru, this has turned out to be something great (laugh)

Hikaru: Our new album will be out soon, and the tour will start soon.

Yabu: The album generally is a little mature, and I like the song “From”

Inoo: It’s a good song.

Hikaru: All of JUMP said “We want this to be in the album” I also like “Tasty U”. The lyrics are the most fasionable.

Inoo: Dream Master is a good song too. It is a song that makes your body want to move along with the rhythm and the lyrics are interesting.

Hikaru: We have unit songs too.

Inoo: Me and Hikaru’s song is based on the corner where we seduce things in our radio program.

Hikaru: I chose the melody and Ino-chan was particular with the words.

Yabu: I listened to it at home with Chinen and we were guffawing with laughter. They are sweet words which will make girls go kya but for us we cant stand it (laugh)

Inoo: At first they wrote really cool words for us but we wanted other words of obligation, binding and duty. When I said that and Takaki who was beside me heard it, he said “Inoo-kun, are you crazy?” (laugh)

Hikaru: It is embarrassing seducing girls but in this case we are seducing things. If you try doing it, such words will just appear (laugh)

Inoo: Yabu and Yuto and Takaki’s Mr Flawless is really idol like.

Yabu: It is weird having to say this myself but the staff told us three people with great style have come together so they want to see a cool song that will make girls happy. So we are thinking of a performance that will make everyone go kyun.

Hikaru: Dai-chan and yamada’s song is a low tempo dance number.

Yabu: Dai-chan’s rap is good. His voice is frank and it just goes into you, it feels like you are floating on water.

Inoo: You really like Dai-chan’s voice.

Yabu: Ahaha, I do. I am a fan of Dai-chan’s voice (laugh)

Hikaru: I am also looking forward to Chinen and Keito’s song.

Yabu: The interesting part of this unit shuffle is how you look at other’s performance during rehearsals for the first time and go “Ohh, so he is doing this!”

Hikaru: I hope you can enjoy the cool songs in the album too.

Yabu: This time the performance is going to be good and I think I want it to be a live where you open a new part of JUMP so I hope you can look forward to it.

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