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17th-Dec-2037 12:00 am - me.
translations for Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru related.

Yabu/Hikaru/KAT-TUN/Jin/YabuHika/Ya-Ya-yah/BEST fan
not a fan of hsj in general.

i will take ages to add you back.
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16th-Mar-2037 09:05 pm - translation list

translation list

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YabuHika"s JourneyCollapse )


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Do you think I could have said there “I want to talk to Hikaru more”?!Collapse )


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Hikaru: Both of our goals for 2016 were to “play games”. Well, I did manage to start soccer games but it was too difficult so I was unable to have a match with Yabu (laugh)

Yabu: Even before an actual soccer match, you often send me mails. Asking me whats the main point to look out for and stuff.

Hikaru: Yup. The match is really interesting after Yabu explains it to me. But when I try to send a funny reply, you don’t reply me anymore (laugh)

Yabu: I think “watch the match properly!” (laugh)

Hikaru: Both of us often went to eat together this year.

Yabu: Our relationship is one which it is totally okay even if we don’t meet, but when we do, it is fun!

Hikaru: We talk about work, but we also get excited over stupid conversations.

Yabu: We get so excited talking that I didn’t want to go home, so I said “Let’s continue eating something else” (laugh)

Hikaru: I did think that Yabu was in a mood to chat, so we continued eating at another place after that.

Yabu: We have started going out to eat more often than before, but what was the reason?

Hikaru: Wasn’t it that one? After everyone went to the pool.

Yabu: Ah, yes. After work I returned home and Hikaru called me. He said “What are you doing now? Let’s go eat”. Everyone else went to the pool that day so I thought Dai-chan or Chinen would be around too, but he said “Nope, just both of us”. I was surprised at first.

Hikaru: You sound as if I was inviting you on a date (laugh). I was just feeling hungry and wanted to invite someone, so I thought Yabu would be good.

Yabu: I didn’t expect it to be just both of us (laugh). It has been a long time since we became adults. But I discovered something new about Hikaru. He unexpectedly has very few friends (laugh)

Hikaru: Ahahaha. That’s true. You were really worried for me. You asked “Are you okay? Do you have someone whom you can open your heart to?” (laugh)

Yabu: When you told me “I do”, I was relieved (laugh)

Hikaru: I talked about this during a variety program previously, but Yabu’s expressions are really extreme and he can only do either a huge smile or an expressionless face. I’m really into that topic recently.

Yabu: I realized it too! I can’t do that “somewhere in the middle” expression (laugh)

Hikaru: And also Yabu really doesn’t suit cosplay (laugh)

Yabu: I was a banana during “Itajump” and they told me I was scary (laugh). I don’t have a character face. On the other hand Hikaru suits anything~

Hikaru: What should we do as the both of us next year? I want to have a BBQ. Go fishing and cooking our loot. I also want to bring Yabu to play survival games. Even when we invite him, he says “I cant shoot others” and in the end he doesn’t come.

Yabu: Everyone would seem pitiful.

Hikaru: It doesn’t hurt even when you get shot so its okay (laugh). The sound it makes when it hits your clothes is noisy though.

Yabu: I know it is fun though. So if all of us go on a long trip, we can drop by the hot springs on the way back.

Hikaru: You do like hot springs don’t you.

Yabu: I do look forward to going with others to the hot springs. I can soak in them for 30-40 minutes.

Hikaru: I am the type who comes out almost immediately. Also, I want to do a radio show with Yabu. It is fun answering questions from the fans, but the other day on our Rajira show, we have this corner that I bet Yabu will like.

Yabu: What was it about?

Hikaru: A “confession by guys” talk. They send in confessions regarding things which they don’t understand about girls. And then we talk about those topics.

Yabu: I like that. I have many things I don’t understand about them (laugh)

Hikaru: Also, I hope we can go to many other restaurants too.

Yabu: Both of us are the type who thinks that the usual place is good enough.

Hikaru: Lets go and eat sushi next time.

Yabu: Sushi is great~ I want to go! I love both sashimi and nigiri sushi.

Hikaru: I like eating salmon or ebi, the sweet kind. Maguro is good too. And halfway when I get full, I will eat green onion sprouts with salt…

Yabu: That’s good too~ After getting refreshed by that, I will probably return to my first dish (laugh). Sushi is refreshing and if you eat ginger in between the dishes, we can eat forever (laugh)

Hikaru: Ok, so next year our goal is to “go and eat sushi!”

If both of you were to spend the New Years holiday together?

Yabu: I hope both of us can relax together. Chatting while watching our old videos.

Hikaru: That seems really fun!

Yabu: We can sit in a kotatsu, and eat hot pot, oranges while chatting.

Hikaru: We definitely will have a lot of those videos. There are a lot which we have forgotten too.

Yabu: It was the time where we didn’t think that was work.

Hikaru: We will definitely feel emotional and think “we have really grown up” (laugh)


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Q1. Use a kanji character to represent your 2016.

Yabu: 実 (Harvest). We were at Kyocera Dome at the beginning of the year and now we will end the year with our solo concert at Tokyo Dome. This doesn’t happen often and 2016 was a fruitful year!

Hikaru: 特 (Special). The members had their own new regular programs, we were in 27 hour television for the first time, there were many special things which happened.

Q2. Something which made you happiest in 2016

Yabu: The soccer champions league final match was in May and my favourite Real Madrid won. At the end during the penalty shoot-out, Cristiano Ronaldo scored and at that moment I was so happy and cheered at home.

Hikaru: I appeared on “Oh! bandesu”, a local program on Miyagi channels for the first time. It is an ongoing program since 1995 and is equivalent to the program “waratte iitomo!” in my hometown. I have been watching that show since I was a kid so I was really happy.

Q3. Something which made you saddest in 2016

Yabu: The key case which I have been using all this while started peeling at its sides. When I had realized, already one quarter of it had been peeled off so I tried to use wood glue to stick them back but they still peeled. Then everything came off. But even so, I am still using it (laugh)

Hikaru: I used to gather with my music friends about once a month. We eat together and play our music instruments but in 2016, our schedules didn’t match and we didn’t really meet up. In 2017 I hope we can adjust our schedules and it would be great if I could meet them.

Q4. Something new you started in 2016

Yabu: A savings box for 500 yen coins. People who save 500yen coins, they calculate their shopping costs so that they can get 500 yen back in change. But I don’t do that. In fact, I use them when I order home delivery and don’t have money to pay the bill, so I am still unable to save up (laugh)

Hikaru: I wanted to do some sports which I have not done before, so I started playing tennis some time before summer. Those friends with me were also beginners. We played for about three times and it was really fun but after that, we didn’t get any more chances to meet up… I want to play again!

Q5. The member you spent most time with in 2016.

Yabu: Chinen. We meet at least once a week, and 3-4 times a week at most. Previously, we watch soccer at my house but recently we often go out to eat.

Hikaru: Yabu, Chinen. I went to eat with Yabu after such a long time, and recently Chinen joins too and three of us often eat together. It is comfortable being with them.

Q6. Choose an MVP in JUMP for 2016.

Yabu: Chinen. To promote his movie, he was on many variety shows alone. He also worked hard in those location shoots which he wasn’t used to.

Hikaru: Takaki. He and Keito both ate spicy food on “Ariyoshi zemi” and he really did his best. Even though he doesn’t eat spicy food at all normally, but he finished them up!

Q7. Your personal goal for 2017

Yabu: The vacuum cleaner I am using now makes a lot of weird sounds, so I want to buy a quieter vacuum cleaner with a smoother roller!

Hikaru: I want to appear in many variety shows alone!

Q8. Draw the chicken zodiac for 2017

(TN. no comments. Guess who drew which.)

Q9. A new year message to the readers!

Yabu: 2017, yoroshiku-pi! I want to be incubated soon-pi~ I want to be warmed by everyone-pi! If not, my parents will drop me from their nest-pi~!!! So, please warm me up immediately-pi!!! (**He is talking as if he is a chicken’s egg)

Hikaru: Happy new year. Because the zodiac sign next year is the chicken, there are four in JUMP who have that zodiac sign- Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Keito. It will be a year where we can leap to higher heights. Yoroshiku!


13years ago. But because too cute I cannot.

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“Our combi name is Hikki and Wich!”

Kamenashi: Oh, Yabu! Good morning!

Hikaru: ….

Kamenashi: It’s a joke! Hikaru!! (laugh)

Hikaru: You always tease me~

Kamenashi: Because Hikaru is so cute. But you always pay me back by taking revenge too right? Well, it’s because I am on such good terms with Hikaru♪… Why aren’t you talking? Are you nervous?

Hikaru: Nope, not at all.

Kamenashi: If it was Takizawa-kun, you will be nervous?

Hikaru: Hmm, no I guess.

Kamenashi: Hikaru you are a big shot… When I went to greet Kimura-kun whom I admired so much, I was so nervous ok?!

Hikaru: Kamenashi-kun was… nervous?

Kamenashi: Do you remember the first time you talked to me? Hikaru came to rehearsals and I thought “This kid is so cute!” so I went to ask for your name and I said “Your name is like one that comes from a manga!”

Hikaru: Hmm, I somehow remember.

Kamenashi: You are great, besides being cute, you have such a cool name. Not like me, I get called “Kame kame” by everyone. ….Well, Kame is quite good too.

Hikaru: Hahaha!

Kamenashi: By the way, when did you know about me?

Hikaru: Before I joined as a junior, when Kinki Kids was singing “Jounetsu” on TV, I saw you dancing behind. Then I thought you were so cool.

Kamenashi: Oh! I was working hard even though I was dancing behind. So when you saw me in reality, how was it? How was it?

Hikaru: Normal

Kamenashi: What?!

Hikaru: Because you did talk to me normally

Kamenashi: Oh you meant that.

Hikaru: How did you know that I admired you?

Kamenashi: The other day, Jin was reading DUET, and he asked you “You admire Ueda and Kame?”

Hikaru: When? Yesterday?

Kamenashi: No! And to think that I was present too… Do remember the times you have with your admired senior!! (laugh)

Hikaru: Hehehe

Kamenashi: By the way, why do you admire Ueda?

Hikaru: Hmm…. Ueda-kun…’s face.

Kamenashi: You like his face? Eh? Then what about me?

Hikaru: I like your dance.

Kamenashi: My dance huh. ….My face isn’t good?

Hikaru: For face, if I have to pick one, Ueda-kun. But I like Kamenashi-kun too.

Kamenashi: I see (laugh). Then to prove that we are on good terms, let’s think of a secret nickname for each other.

Hikaru: Ok!

Kamenashi: Hikaru will be “Hikki”

Hikaru: That’s just like a rip-off~

Kamenashi: You are so strict! I don’t want to be on the same variety show as Hikaru. You will totally rebut everything I say (laugh)

Hikaru: Then Kamenashi-kun’s nickname will be “Wich”

Kamenashi: Wh… why?!

Hikaru: Because you are eating a sandwich now.

Kamenashi: You have such good sense! So when we are together alone, call me “Wich” secretly! Let’s start from tomorrow?

Hikaru: Okay (laugh)

Kamenashi: Who is Hikaru close with among the juniors?

Hikaru: Taiyou

Kamenashi: You will definitely tell Taiyou right? Like “You know that Wich…” Ah, but I am also on good terms with Taiyou. We exchange mails too. Shall I do it with Hikaru too?

Hikaru: Hmm..

Kamenashi: What? You don’t want to? (laugh)

Hikaru: Rather than that, do come to my hometown in Sendai. Exploring the forests are really fun so I want to bring you there. There are beehives and stuffs but it’s gonna be okay.

Kamenashi: You are like a wild kid. But I like such stuff too, so okay, let’s go to the forest next time!

Hikaru: I have another request, I hope Kamenashi-kun dances even more energetically.

Kamenashi: Eh, you mean I look like I am slacking recently?!

Hikaru: Somehow. recently even when I look at Kamenashi-kun’s dance, I will think “How did he dance again?”, I forget it almost immediately. But how you were dancing behind Kinki Kids, I still remember that even up till today.

Kamenashi: Wait! So even if I dance during the actual show now you don’t have much of an impression? I’m not cool?

Hikaru: I don’t really have chances to see you dance during an actual show

Kamenashi: Oe~i, I will show you KAT-TUN’s concert videos so look at them! Ah, but… what should I do. I am now being told that I am not up to standards (laugh)

Hikaru: It’s okay you will be fine!

Kamenashi: Then that will be great but your face doesn’t suit your words at all, your words are so strict! But I am grateful for Hikaru’s negative comments. I can return to my original resolution and work hard from now on!

Hikaru: Yup, work hard!

Kamenashi: I keep getting bullied by Hikaru (laugh)

Hello, I am helping to purchase concert goods for Hey! Say! JUMP’s upcoming DEAR 2016-2017 concert held at Tokyo Dome on 31 December 2016 and 1 January 2017.

Concert goods list
(All items are in SGD. Please use a currency converter if you would like to find out the amount in your home currency)

Uchiwa : SGD $15 each
9 different types, one for each individual member

**Poster: SGD $20 each
3 different types- Hey Say 7, Hey Say BEST, Hey Say JUMP

Clear File: SGD $13 each
10 different types, one for each individual member, one group

**Penlight: SGD $31

**Body sticker: SGD $13

**Character keyholder: SGD $24
9 different types, one for each individual member

Photoset: SGD $15 each
10 different types, one for each individual member, one group


Please note the following:

** There are NO previews of the concert goods except the penlight. They will only be available on either 30 or 31st December when they are released for sale to the fans.

** I do not take any last minute orders. This is the only year end concert they are having for this tour and your only chance to buy the goods. No adding of orders after the pictures of concert goods are out. Be fair to those who had already decided what they wanted before getting previews.

** Posters:
There are only three types of posters for this concert (instead of the previous tours where there are 10 types- one for each individual member and one group).
My guess is either

Pattern A: 1. Hey Say BEST, 2. Hey Say 7, 3. Group
OR Pattern B:  separating the group into three members per poster.
If you decide to get a poster, please remember to let me know which is your preference.
For example, "In the case of Pattern A, please get me the one with BEST. In the case of Pattern B, please get me the poster with Yabu Kota"
Note: The above two patterns are just guesses and we do not know until there is further information.

Confirmed as of 19 December 2016 - The three different posters will be Hey Say 7, Hey Say BEST and Hey Say JUMP (group)
Only one poster per person, and no changing of orders.
Also, I have very very limited slots for posters as they are very difficult to handle.

** Penlight:
As confirmed by the agency, the penlight will be the same as the one sold during the
DEAR concert tour earlier this year.

** Body sticker/character keyholder:
The prices for the above have not been confirmed by the agency as of today (11 December 2016).
The current price is just a tentative estimate, however I do not think it will change too much.
Please be prepared to top up if needed. In the case of an overestimation, I will lower the pricing and refund you the difference.

If you are worried about the price change you are welcome to either

1) Make an order first without the body sticker/keyholder and add on after the price is out.
(do note this means paying twice of paypal charges if that is your payment mode)


2) Send in your total order after the final prices for the remaining two items are out. However, I have a deadline, and also limited quantity I can buy.

Prices have been confirmed on 22 December. No change in my pricing.

** It is not 100% guaranteed that the goods are different from what was sold during the concert earlier. However, since it was noted by the agency that the penlight is the same, I will highly assume that the other goods are different.
Just a note- last year's countdown concert's goods were also different from the tour, even though the concert title was the same.  No refund or changing of order after payment is made

** All goods will be bought personally in Tokyo and handled by myself all the way till it is shipped out or handed to you personally. Posters are more vulnerable and thus, I have a limited amount for posters. However, be assured that I always try my best to treat them with care.

** I am not a professional shop but I have taken preorders for previous concerts and stageplays and (I think) everything went well. I have just started a feedback page this year here. However, please only order if you are comfortable ;)

** After I have confirmed your order, do check through to make sure everything is right! I am human and I do have typos and calculation mistakes.

For Singaporeans:
* Payment by bank transfer (DBS/OCBC)
* No additional shipping costs from
Japan to Singapore
* All items can be collected from 4 January 2017. I am relatively flexible with meetups and can meet anywhere in the west, CBD, or town depending on my schedule, but NO meetups in the East or North.
* Local delivery only possible for the clearfile and photoset.
* I can also ship to you from
Japan if you would prefer that.

For international buyers:
* Payment by PayPal. Please top up for the shipping charges and PayPal fees
* PayPal fees: 3.9% of total price + SGD $0.50
* I will ship all goods from
Japan on 1 or 2 January except posters. I have already checked which post offices around my area are opened but still, as it is the busy New Year season, there might be unforeseen circumstances where I might have to ship out on a later date, or even bring them back to Singapore for shipping. Will not charge extra for shipping in such an event, but do be prepared to wait a few more days if this really happens.
* Posters will be shipped from Singapore in a poster tube. The reason being there aren't many post offices in Japan which sell the poster tube (I have never been able to find one) and I do not want to risk damage to your poster by carrying it all over hunting for one. The shipping charge which I quote will be inclusive of the poster tube.
* I can ship via
EMS, Registered airmail and SAL but I do recommend EMS since it is the peak new year season! Shipping receipts, tracking numbers, photos will also be provided.
* Depending on which country you live in, it will take a few days to 1 week via
EMS. I can check this including the cost for you via the Japan Post website.
The cost is estimated but I refund shipping costs (less PayPal fees) in any event of overestimation of more than 300 yen.

Order Form for Singaporeans

Mobile number:
Second contact: (twitter or livejournal ID or email or any other way I can contact you via social media)
Mode of collection (meetup/postage):
Items: (please be specific. Eg. Hikaru uchiwa x 1, Group photoset x 1)
Total number of items:
Total cost:

Order form for fans outside
Paypal Address:

Mailing Address:
Postal code:
Phone number:
Second Contact: (any way that I can contact you via social media. Email/twitter/LJ is fine too!)
Shipment mode: (
EMS/Registered SAL/Registered Airmail)
Items: (please be specific. Eg. Hikaru uchiwa x 1, Group photoset x 1)
Total number of items:
Total cost:
Other remarks:

Deadline for orders and payments: 27 December 2016
I might close the preorder earlier if my slots are all filled up, and might also take in last minute orders on case-to-case basis and also depending on how fast you can transfer your payment.

You are free to send me the order through email skysj4@hotmail.com or livejournal DM. I am also easily contactable via email and twitter (@skysj4). If I do not reply your message, please prompt me again. There are times I do not get notifications.

Please feel free to PM me for orders, or if you need any clarifications, or just an estimated shipping cost before you place an order.
I’ll try my best to answer them!
In the event of sold out or unpurchased goods, amount will be fully refunded.

Comments here in LJ will be screened
Thank you! :D


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Something which made you feel happiest in 2016

Yabu: The nationwide tour. I managed to reconfirm how I love being on the stage. During the ending speech on the very last show, my eyes were filled with tears although they didn’t flow down. Even though we do this every year, the last show is always lonely. I start to think like “This will be the last time I wear this costume”. But being reluctant to part also means that we had a good time and that makes me happy. For happiness in my private life, I was invited to guest on a soccer program! One of the staff members who loves soccer praised me and said “it was really interesting”, I was really happy.

Hikaru: I went to watch the MotoGP bike races that was held in Japan! Previously I either didn’t manage to get the tickets or my schedule couldn’t fit so this year was the first time I managed to watch. I stayed one day overnight and enjoyed the preliminary competitions and finals over two days. My favourite racer Valentino Rossi did not make it in the finals but he had the fastest lap time for the preliminaries! He was so cool! Furthermore, I won the “invitation to stand in front of the dressing room” and I could see Rossi from a close distance. I felt so happy. The average age of a racer is 23 years old but Rossi is 37 now. There are many fans who call him the “living legend”. The fans who support Rossi wear yellow T-shirts and yellow is also my member colour so it felt like fate (laugh)

Something which made you feel happiness recently

Yabu: The other day I was at home and feeling hungry, so I ordered shoyu ramen delivery. But I also received gyozas even though I didn’t order them. Seems like they were having a promotion and I thought “Oh, so lucky♪” I guess I will order again when they have a new promotion. I will probably be happier if they give me more bamboo shoots (laugh)

Hikaru: How our live tour has ended without any problems. My physical condition was somehow down during the tour this year but I managed to feel how important the fans support were.

An item that makes you happy

Yabu: The bath! I love the bath at home, but I think the huge public baths are the best. When we stay in hotels as we travel to other cities for our concerts, I open the hotel guide in the room and first check whether there is a public bath. If there is, I contact our manager immediately and ask him to go. There are also hotels with natural hot springs and when there is, I take a long bath for about one hour. I have always loved the public bathhouses and every time I get up from a bath, I will definitely drink milk!

Hikaru: Recently, it is tea. As long as I feel that it is good the first time, I can drink the same thing everyday until I get sick of it. I kept drinking water this year but one day when I was buying water at the convenience store, I won a bottle of tea from a lucky dip at the cashier. So the tea came as a free gift when I bought the water. As I drank tea after a long time, I thought “Ah, delicious. It smells good” And from that day onwards, I kept drinking tea (laugh)

Recent updates

Yabu: When my mother went for a holiday, I helped to take care of the dog. Actually what I just did was to feed it in the morning and night, take it for walks, and sleep with the dog at night. But I bet the dog knows and thinks “This person is the one taking care of me today!” and he sticks to me even more than before, and refuses to leave my side. I thought of sending pictures of the dog to my mother while she was on her holiday but she said “I don’t have cheap data roaming so its okay” (laugh)

Hikaru: I am in the midst of changing my room layout. Next year is JUMP’s 10 year anniversary and I am all motivated to change my mood, so I was all determined to create a fresh start. During such times, I usually change my hairstyle but this year I changed various hairstyles and colours so it wouldn’t represent a fresh start if I did it again, so I decided to change my room instead (laugh). I bought a square table to replace the round one, and next I am thinking of getting a new sofa too.

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