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17th-Dec-2037 12:00 am - me.
translations for Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru related.

Yabu/Hikaru/KAT-TUN/Jin/YabuHika/Ya-Ya-yah/BEST fan
not a fan of hsj in general.

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16th-Mar-2037 09:05 pm - translation list

translation list

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Yabu Kota

Scene 1: Futsal, just the two of us..
For girls who join a futsal game but cannot manage to play well, I will be on their side and direct them to victory! But in order to make her heart skip a beat unconsciously, it would be better if I were on the rival team. When I try to score a goal, and she tries to defend me, I will say “If I score this goal, go out with me” and shoot! In an environment where there are many people, it’s a casual situation that only involves both of us and that’s the main point♡

Scene 2: Surprise at the theme park
I will give her a really big surprise at the theme park on White Day! While saying “I’ll go to the toilet for a while” but leave the area on purpose and use the indoor announcement system to call her “Please come to the fountain area now”. 100 of my friends will be gathered there, and we will do a flash mob☆ After we finish dancing, I will confess to the girl and give her an annual pass for that theme park as a present. And say with all my heart “from now on, let’s come to the theme park together, both of us” Fufu…. is that too much? (laugh)

Scene 3: Meeting her by chance on the streets
Honestly, I don’t know what to give on White Day~ Girls have an image of liking bath salts… but is that true?! I still don’t know so even if I receive chocolates on Valentines, I probably wont be able to return a gift. But I will keep thinking in my heart “Ah,, what shall I do” so if I happen to meet her on the streets on White Day itself, I will get flustered and think “Uwah, I have not returned her a gift yet!” so I will invite her on a date and say “Let’s go and get the present together now”!

Yaotome Hikaru

Scene 1: Shopping
I will help her to choose clothes when we go shopping. I am not that knowledgeable about fashion so I will not be able to give detailed advice regarding coordination of clothes, but if she is lost between choosing two different colours, I can say out what I feel and tell her “This one is cuter”. Before she decides, I will accompany her and when she tries the clothes on, I will keep praising her “That really suits you!”! When she decides on clothes that she likes, while she is changing, I will settle her bill at the cashier and give it to her as a present♡

Scene 2: Playing tennis with everyone
If many friends play tennis together, the girls will probably go kyun. However, even though I like tennis, I am not good at it so honestly, it is quite questionable whether I will be able to show my cool side during the play (laugh). But I will prepare the towels and sports drinks and try to show my considerate side. Of course I will not give them any treatment during a competition. It is fun when we do it seriously so it is rude to the other party if you try to slack. It will also be fun if there is a punishment game after that. If I win, I will invite her to a date next time!

Scene 3: Karaoke
I am in charge of creating the atmosphere during the concert so if you go to karaoke with me, it will definitely be fun. I wont interrupt during the song, but while listening to the rhythm of the song, I will convey my feelings and say things like “those are good lyrics!” For the songs that I choose, firstly, songs that everyone know about. I will manage to get her heart with that. Halfway, I will choose love ballads and create a nice mood♡ But then, the “10 minutes left” announcement comes. Because we want to leave the place on time, I have to insert the shortest song. For now, it will be PPAP. I will show you my best PPAP with all my effort!


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A sexy part of yourself which you are proud of
Yabu: Winks, collarbones.

I can wink with both my right eye or left eye or both so no matter which side the camera comes from, I can wink well! Also, my collarbones. It seems that they can collect water (laugh). I think it is because I have a thin body so they show up more obviously, but I will be happy if there is anyone out there who thinks it is sexy.

Hikaru: The back of my hands
I have often been told that my hands are nice when I play the bass. I guess it is because they are big and rough. You can see the veins at the back of my hand too so probably it’s manly! For me, I just think that its great that I have hands which are able to enable me to reach for the bass strings easily (laugh)

A member whom you think is sexy
Yabu: The action of Yuto brushing up his hair with his hands, Hikaru in glasses.
During music shows, Yuto often brushes his hair up with his hands when it is his solo part. When I see that, I think “Oh, that’s nice!” (laugh) Everyone has their own sexy part but I probably prefer a natural sexiness. Hikaru sometimes wears his glasses and I think that’s sexy, as long as he doesn’t talk (laugh)

Hikaru: Chinen’s back. This is probably unexpected but Chinen’s back is awesome! When he wears clothes you cant tell I guess? But actually he has broad shoulders and quite a manly back. He does acrobatics so his muscles are spread and that form is good. The way he stands is also beautiful.

Do you want to carry out a perfect plan for White Day?
No. If I receive chocolates on Valentines I will be happy so I will want to return the gift the very next day or the day after. I cant wait till White Day!

Hikaru: No. I will return a gift but other than that, what should I do? I don’t know any delicious restaurants too (laugh). If she has a request, I will respond to it.

A member with an image of “pure white”
None I guess? That’s a joke (laugh). Dai-chan I guess. He shows his natural self without being embarrassed. He doesn’t act and that feels pure.

Hikaru: Keito is pure! He still gets nervous when talking to the members now so how will he be like in front of other people?!

Something I cant forget. The moment when my mind blanked out.
I borrowed a mechanical pencil from my friend but I lost it! I thought of secretly buying the same one and returning it to him, but I made a mistake and bought a ballpoint pen instead (laugh). But I did buy the right one after that and returned it to him.

Hikaru: Five years ago, I got a chance to say hi to Inaba-san from B’z. Before I met him, I thought of getting his autograph and a photo with him but when I met him, I panicked and I totally forgot about the photo (laugh)

Body secret- a point of your body which no one knows about?
My big toe makes a cracking sound when I bend it! But I think it doesn’t make any sound when I walk (laugh). It often sounds when I stretch my legs before I sleep. I also made it sound yesterday night before I slept.

Hikaru: I have always had hay fever throughout the year but recently my eyes feel so tired and my body is itchy. So I use a nose spray. Also, I just spotted acne on my arm (laugh)

Heart secret- something you think of when you see girls?
When I look at girls, I am curious over their hair. I think girls who dye their hair but still maintain its glossiness are really wonderful and I start to get envious and wonder what kind of hair treatment they do?

Hikaru: I secretly try to imagine how many siblings they have (laugh). I observe the way they talk and if it seems like she takes quite well of others, she is the oldest daughter, and if she is sociable, she is probably the youngest. I don’t ask her to see if I am right though!

Secret action- something that only I take note of? A small habit I have
When I am nervous, I keep blinking. But many people point it out to me so its not a secret anymore (laugh). I want to keep it a secret but it will be hard for me to control the number of times I blink~

Hikaru: When I am thinking, I lick my lips. I don’t know the reason but somehow I realized it. Perhaps I do that action too when I am thinking of quiz answers. Do check it out (laugh)

Secret to the members- I’ve never been able to say this but actually…?
I don’t have any secrets to tell the members. But yesterday I wore clothes which I just bought, and the price tag was still on it. Chinen told me about it and I was quite embarrassed that everyone knew the price (laugh)

Hikaru: When I space out, even when I am having a conversation with other members, I just reply random stuff, sorry! (laugh). I say things like “Oh isit?” “Oh I see”. But I do listen so it is still a conversation.


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Yabu Kota

Goals for 2017
1. Appear in many sports programs!
2. Nationwide tour to places we have never been to before
3. Have a best album
4. Our current variety show Itadaki High Jump to be more popular!
5. I will take care of my eating habits in order not to grow fat
6. Watch foreign soccer matches but don’t stay up late too often
7. Bring the four generations (about 12 people) of the Yabu family on a holiday
8. Have a self-indulgent trip with my friends by car
9. I will diligently remember to cut my toenails as I always forget to (laugh)
10. Buy a 2TB HDD recorder!

“I had a chance to appear in the WOWOW soccer program in 2016 and talk a lot about soccer professionally, so it was really fun! I also like tennis and baseball so in 2017 I hope to appear in more sports programs. I want to take many trips too. The other day me and my friend went on a three day trip to Yamagata, Sendai and Ibaraki by car. We went in search of secret hot springs in the mountains and walked for two hours. I want to have such a self indulgent trip again. Like go to Okinawa with my family. There are 12 of us so the trip will seem to cost a lot! (laugh)

Yaotome Hikaru

Goals for 2017
1. Enjoy mature fashion
2. Complete my room layout!
3. A year where I can meet and hangout with my work buddies and friends
4. Level up in my bass skills
5. Build up muscles
6. Level up my skills in talking!
7. Search for delicious restaurants which are healthy
8. Practise more tennis
9. Stand out more with my personality on television programs
10. Appear in a comedy movie and make many people laugh!

“I am already in my late twenties and I hope to be fashionable and wear good quality and comfortable clothes. Those that suit my age! For those friends, juniors and seniors whom I did not manage to meet in 2016, I hope to meet them more often too. I want to invite them to my house, so I have to buy a new table soon! For work, a huge goal I have is to “let others enjoy”. In order to achieve that, I will practice talking and I hope to settle my personality as someone who fools around! I hope to be in a comedy movie, and it would be best if I could put smiles on everyone in Japan♪


Very old translation which I never posted for idk what reason.

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Yabu Kota

Q1. What is your ideal situation to receive chocolates from the girl you like?
Being told on the way back home from school “Let’s go home together today” and she will pass me the chocolates then.

Q2. The girl you like sees you receiving a lot of chocolate from other female friends… What do you say to her?
I want to try saying something like… “You know, you are the girlfriend of such a popular guy”! (laugh)

Q3. If you were a girl, who in Johnnys would you want to give chocolates to?
Tsuka-chan (Tsukada Ryoichi). Even if I were to fail a little, he would eat it while saying it’s yummy.

With member
Last year on Hikaru’s birthday, I sent him a mail exactly as 12 midnight. I also attached a picture of Hikaru when he just joined as a junior and included a message of “You have grown ne” (laugh) I bet he was happy on receiving it. For normal activities like concert MCs, we do confirmations like “Should we move on to the song now?” and make eyecontact with each other. Also during the stageplay itself, when someone fails, I meet the eyes of the other members and as we think “he failed ne”, we laugh (laugh). This natural flow feels like we are communicating in a casual manner.

From girl
Guys are all weak towards girls when they look up with their eyes upturned. But for my height, almost everyone ends up like that when looking at me (laugh), and it is cute. An ideal confession? Firstly I will ask around whether there is any hearsay that xxx-chan likes me. And then on Valentines Day when the both of us are alone together she will want to confess to me but being nervous she won’t be able to say it out but start fidgeting instead, and I will get all excited thinking “Say it quick~” ♥ But when the two of us are alone together, it has to be an occasion where there is mutual love between us. I won’t do that if I don’t have interest in her. …..I want such a romantic confession.. (laugh)

For fan
During Johnnys World, the audience watched us and clapped while giving us a standing ovation and I was really happy. Everyone’s feelings has been conveyed to me!

Recent updates
I get very excited when chatting about fashion topics with Tottsu (Totsuka Shota) and Hasshi (Hashimoto Ryosuke) in the dressing room during Johnnys World. Although I have been close with Tottsu since the past, but I felt again that Hasshi was a good person too (laugh). In private, I went to my grandfather and grandmother’s place on New Years Day to greet them and being restless, I somehow managed to convey these feelings to them and they gave me New Years money (laugh). Also I went to a sale and bought a lot of clothes.


Yaotome Hikaru

Q1. What is your ideal situation to receive chocolates from the girl you like?
At a park at night. It is dark and it will end with my expression not being seen.

Q2. The girl you like sees you receiving a lot of chocolate from other female friends… What do you say to her?
“I received this much” and that’s a fact so it can’t be helped

Q3. If you were a girl, who in Johnnys would you want to give chocolates to?
Massu. Wouldn’t he eat them up as if they were very delicious?

With member
We are members of the same group but we can talk about anything. I am someone who is often approached by the other members for consultation. It is also like that among my friends, I probably get told things more often than I tell others. But in the past, there was once where everyone’s ear monitor didn’t work because of some problems with the sound system. Because of that, we couldn’t hear the music and our dance was all out of alignment. During that time, eyecontact was most useful. I guess we could have done it because these were the members. I could convey more than I thought through eye contact. For example during Johnnys World recently, I had to do pair flying with Takaki during the opening. During those times we could use our eye contact to convey words like “The turning is too fast” or “Isn’t today slower than usual?”

From girl
My heart goes kyun most when the confession is said to me directly in a simple and straight way. But if that was in school it would be another special situation. For example, getting confessed to along the school corridor where someone might pass by anytime contributes to a thrill. I would probably get very anxious if I were to be confessed to on Valentines Day and would go like “Oi, are you gonna confess now!” (laugh)

For fan
The only thing we can do is to dance and sing with all our effort. Although I am shy at first and I can’t really answer to the requests on uchiwas but during the later half I try all I can to fulfil them. I can be enthusiastic in giving peace signs or winks or giving fans a bang but I probably ignore those which have no meaning to it. Especially when I am singing it’s impossible. It’s not that I don’t do it because I don’t want to, but it is difficult in the middle of a song, and this is what we want to convey to our fans I guess.

Recent updates
During the Tackey version in Johnnys World, I have about 3 hours of spare time in the middle. I played games with Yamada all the while. I wanted to sleep but in the end we played. Also we watched movies like the one when we went to Hawaii, or one which I went to Sendai a very long time ago.


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Yabu Kota

I went to eat with Chinen right at the beginning of the year. It wasn’t just the two of us, but there were also three other of my hometown friends. One of them was good friends with Chinen since high school times and the other two do meet him from time to time so everyone said “Chinen is just like from our hometown too” (laugh). We met in the evening, ate chicken dishes while saying “Lets play darts too?” so after that we went to play darts and table tennis. But all of us don’t normally play darts so we were so bad at it. “01” means that the person who manages to reduces his points to 0 wins the game but all of us didn’t manage to get any point reduction at all. But well, while we complain of it never being able to end, it was also fun. With table tennis, it feels like you are competing for your hometown, like “representing our elementary school in a competition”. Chinen asked me “you, what elementary school are you representing?” and I said “I am from xxx elementary school”, I gave him a name of a school in Shizuoka (laugh)

At work, the first person I normally meet among the members is usually Dai-chan. So I guess the time we spend together is quite long too. We start our work with conversations like “did you watch that show yesterday?” or “what did you do on your off day?” “well you definitely went to eat with Chinen right?” “Your clothes today are new right? looks good” (laugh). Dai-chan is the one who gets new information earlier than the other members. Dai-chan wore new sneakers to work today too. (Arioka was nearby and said “Eh? This isn’t new (laugh)” and corrected him) Ahaha, maybe I was just half awake?! (laugh)

I cleaned up my bathroom! Before doing so, I was wondering how to clean the crust in the bathroom and I checked it up on the internet. You can mix baking soda and citric acid, and soak them in gauze and paper towels, stick them to the scales. After putting them there for two hours, rinse them off with the shower. And true enough, it became very clean and I did not even have to scrub it♪ Thanks to that, I can now have a nice bath in my shining bathtub!

Yaotome Hikaru

I went to eat with Jesse, just the two of us. I watch the stageplay “Shounentachi” every year. And last year when I went, Jesse said “Let’s all go and eat bbq meat now!” so I said okay and went with SixTONES and Snow Man. Then I jokingly said “Kochi knows my contact so if you want to know ask him” and after that, all of them contacted me. Jesse gave me really frequent mails (laugh). He kept saying “I want to eat with you alone!” so we met. He asked me a huge amount of questions about work. I thought he was a cool character but he likes to fool around too. But he has serious thoughts when it comes to work and he seems more mature than his age… that’s quite interesting. Listening to Jesse talk about his family was really fun.

I had a music gathering with Kyuujitsu Kachou (from Gesu no Kiwami Otome) and a professional saxophone player, and our theme was “lets show each other our favourite music videos while eating” (laugh). Kyuujitsu Kachou showed a video of a bassist and vocalist band, the other guy showed a homage video of a legendary episode of the music world, and I introduced a MV of a rapper. It was a really fun time. Of course, I learnt a lot. The place was at a Japanese restaurant which was introduced by Kyuujitsu Kachou. I thought it was the first time I had been there but the staff suddenly came to greet me and said “I was grateful during that time on Hirunandesu!” So it was a restaurant which I came to during one of my location shoots (laugh)

Recently I bought three bass effectors and when I am alone at home, I kept playing with them. When I play different songs and different kinds of music come out, I forget about time passing. When I don’t touch my musical instruments, I probably just stare around in my room (laugh). I have drawing tools… and when I open my colour pencil box I stare at them and think “so beautiful”. I also play with my toy camera, and I feel satisfied just by being in my room.


*Do note this is only part of the crosstalk.

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Arioka: A really long time ago, Hikaru-kun got really angry at Inoo-chan

Hikaru: Ah, it happened. I didn’t manage to go for rehearsals because of other work and Inoo-chan was supposed to teach me.

Inoo: Nope, that’s a big misunderstanding. I was never the person in charge of teaching. It just happened that coincidentally, I was supposed to stand in the position beside Hikaru, so you just assumed and asked me everything!

Hikaru: ….. was that so? (laugh) But I asked Inoo-chan things like “How about this step?” and Inoo-chan, as usual couldn’t remember at all and said “Eh, how was that step?” If it was Yabu, he would teach me perfectly. I was irritated all the way till before the actual concert started (laugh)

Yabu: Oh yes that happened, in the concert catering room right?

Takaki: Yes! And the moment Hikaru-kun blew up, all of us ran back to the dressing room and reported to the other members “HIKARU-KUN IS ANGRY!” (laugh)

Arioka: And was it the year before? Hikaru-kun was busy again and couldn’t make it for the rehearsals. Chinen recalled what happened before and got worried and thought “Hika will blow up again…” but thanks to the experience we have from debut, Hikaru-kun became totally mature and wasn’t agitated at all. It was a little of a disappointment (laugh)

Yabu: You wanted to see the “MAD DOG HIKARU”? (laugh)

Hikaru: I am totally an obedient dog now (laugh)

Inoo: In any case, after so many years, I finally managed to convey this important message of “I was not the one who was in charge of teaching you” and I feel happy (laugh)

Hikaru: Okay sorry (laugh)


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Q1. If you have a girlfriend, what would be a secret you want to keep between the both of you?

Yabu: The way we call each other. I want us to call each other a totally different name in front of others. Like, she can call me “Yabu-kun” when we are in front of others but sometimes she accidentally calls me the special name she uses when there are others around too (laugh). That’s nice. Also, in dramas and such, before you get married, don’t you attached a “-san” if the guy is your superior or senior at work? I like such situations too ❤ I am not concerned with the way she calls me when it’s just two of us. But normally other than my family, I don’t usually get called “Kota”, so it is kinda embarrassing when I am being called Kota. Even though that’s my own name.

Hikaru: Our weak points. The one which everyone knows about is how I dislike cats, but actually I have quite a number of weak points. Nope, I am not telling (laugh). In the first place, the fact that I am weak with cats was given away because of work, but I really did not want to say it out. But if we date each other, I hope we can have a relationship where both of us show that side to each other, so I will want to keep my weak points a secret between the both of us.

Q2. A lie by your girlfriend which you won’t forgive?

Even though she is angry, she says “I am not angry”. If she looks sullen and I ask “Are you angry at something?” and she goes “Nothing…” That’s obviously being angry at something and I think guys will get angry at that (laugh). If she says she is not angry, I think I will also go “Well, then I don’t care”. I am a frank person so I do say it if I am angry. Seems that there are many girls who want the guy to notice what they are angry about, but I don’t know. If you don’t say it I won’t know. But if I say such things, I will probably get bashed by all the girls (laugh). I want them to not lie and say frankly “I am angry!”

Hikaru: When she is actually tired, I probably want her to stop pretending to be okay and saying “I am not tired at all”. If she is tired, whether physically or mentally, I want her to be frank about it and rely on me. Even if she tries to spare a thought for me and hide it, I will feel that i am not reliable and get upset instead. There isn’t anything else. If she tells me beforehand, I wouldn’t even get angry if she goes out to eat with other guys, so there isn’t any reason to lie. Rather than not forgiving her, I will wonder “why do you have to hide it?” The moment we date each other, it means that we have trust in each other so I want to be frank about it, and I want her to be frank too.

Q3. When everyone is around, a sign you give to a girl you like without getting found out by others?

Gaze at her as if our eyes are meeting. Then when our eyes finally meet, I will nod and say “un”. I dont know why but it seems like a code between us (laugh). If our eyes meet many times, I think she can tell I am interested in her. If she does that to me too, I think I will get curious too. I will think “I wonder why she is looking so much at me”

Hikaru: I won’t do anything. If she is destined to be with me, instead of me performing those small actions, she will coincidentally be sitting beside me, and we will be able to talk. I will leave it to fate. But if nothing progresses from there, I will conclude that “I thought I like her but I guess it’s wrong”. In the first place even if there is someone I like, I won’t try to appeal to her or confess too. I will just leave it to fate and wait for it to go well naturally. Well, if she doesn’t make the first move, nothing will progress and this will probably drag on for a long time, but I am a really patient person so it’s okay (laugh). It will probably be really hard until it becomes a mutual love but thinking of it from another point of view, if we really start dating, don’t you think it’s gonna be easy? (laugh)

Q4. For a girlfriend, do you an open -type of girl who tells you everything or a secretive mysterious girl?

A mysterious girl is better. You will get more interested in her! “Do you hate such things?” and seems like I will take notice of her all the time. It will get uninteresting if she is someone who says everything and it will be okay if I stop a conversation. If I had to choose, I like someone who quietly reads a self-improvement book (laugh). But a secretive girl is hard too. I want her to talk about her own background. At least I want to know where she was born?

Hikaru: An open girl is good. I am unexpectedly shy  so if she meets my friends and family, I hope she can take the initiative to be on good terms with them even if I don’t act as the middleman. I would be glad if she’s a bubbly girl who can make the conversations and atmosphere cheerful. She and my friends and family will be important people to me so the most important is for everyone to be on good terms. If she introduces me to her friends and family? ……I don’t think I can work hard there. I have proper manners as an adult but I am shy so I don’t think I am able to talk enthusiastically or be a mood maker there…

Q5. Words which hurt a man’s pride, and which you don’t want a girl to say to you?

“You are incompetent”. I am someone who is unable to do something if I can’t. (tn. he uses a phrase here- he’s like a bottle which has its cover tightly shut, and will be unable to open). But it can’t be helped. If you look at me you know right? You see me as being incompetent but yet you chose to be with me.  And that’s why you like me right? That’s what I want to say to her. I am definitely not competent! (laugh) Also, I dislike it when she disapproves of my hobbies. I will be really irritated if she asks me “what’s so interesting about soccer?” But there are people who do think that way so if my girlfriend thinks soccer is boring, I will think of something to make her enjoy it.

Hikaru: Words like “Is bass that interesting?” or “Why bass and not guitar?” will hurt me. Nope, before hurting me, she is already rejecting me. It is already out of the question if she can’t differentiate between a guitar and a bass. Even those who don’t play musical instruments can somehow differentiate them right? For such people, there are some situations where I do hope to tell them the merits of the bass, but they wouldn’t like it too.

Confess to xxx-kun!

Yabu > Six TONES
“When I was a guest at Johnnys Island, I exchanged mail addresses with many of the Six TONES members. You all told me "Bring us for a meal”, but I don’t know how to invite you so tell me the dates which you guys want to go on!“

Hikaru> Okada Junichi
"Teach me martial arts. I was taught by you once about two years ago but I thought of working hard on it this year. I think I have more physical strength than I had during that time, so do help me out again. Thank you!”


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> Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru
Known each other for a long time, grateful towards each other

Hikaru: when I first joined Johnnys, Yabu was already cut out to be an artiste. There were many times where we had to sing in front of an audience and there were many things I learnt from Yabu. When I did not do it well, there were also times where Yabu got angry at me…..

>So how do you feel about it now?

Hikaru: full of gratitude. we were performing as Ya-Ya-yah, but it’s connected to the present. Its the origin where we came from.

Yabu: everything is left in my memory too. I think I learnt all the basic things from Ya-Ya-yah.

>When do you think that Yaotome-san is awesome?

Yabu: there are many shy people in HSJ. For example when we appear as guests on other variety shows I am able to make proper and serious comments. But they require something different like a comment full of energy, Hikaru is the one who answers first.

>He makes the atmosphere into a fun one?

Yabu: Yes. Its something I can’t do. That really helps

>Do both of you go out to eat?

Hikaru: we do, quite often
Yabu: Yup. Eat meat and others. Recently we choose the place depending on the restaurant’s atmosphere. We often go to places which allow us to eat calmly, or feel comfortable
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